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Founded by a core group of professionals from various industries, Nth Degree Consulting provides comprehensive consulting services in a wide variety of disciplines. Our team includes a select group of experts, in fields ranging from Engineering and Design, Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma Theories, to Leadership and Business Development. We focus on filling the consulting gap, by partnering with companies to develop and implement permanent solutions to their most pressing business needs.

Nth Degree Consulting provides services in many areas, including:

· Engineering and Design
· Manufacturing Management
· Leadership Training
· Lean Theory Training
· Six Sigma Training and Mentoring
· Project Management
· Property Development
· Sales and Marketing
· Safety and Security Training
· Human Resource Development
· Website Design and Development

The scope of our work is predicated on the level of assistance your company requires, and we can assist you in determining how our services will best align with your company's unique requirements. From manufacturing challenges, to human resource needs, to the physical security of a location, we can assist in a broad variety of areas. Our talented internal resources, as well as our collaborative relationships with specialists in numerous disciplines, enable Nth Degree Consulting to provide custom consulting solutions to suit your company's needs.

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